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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Technology Inside A Fitness Tracker.


Many of you will be using fitness tracker or you will be willing to get one. But you ever thought what is inside of it which tracks fitness activities or any movement? Keep reading the post, subscribe to our newsletter and click on some ads please, it will be a donation to us.

The fitness tracker has a bit similar in mechanism with our smartphones where some basic components are same but it also has different hardware in the fitness tracker which will be not present in your smartphone.  The basic components inside a fitness tracker are an accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS (optional) and more. The main component here is the accelerometer which measures or count that how many steps you have walked?  This thing can be done by a smartphone also but it will not be as accurate as a fitness tracker.

Another thing here is heart rate monitor, which have LED light which goes through your veins and it gets reflected back which gives the fitness tracker information about our heart rate. Many of the advanced fitness trackers also provide you the feature in which you can see which type of activity you’re doing through your tracker like walking, running, swimming, etc.

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Some fitness trackers also show that how many calories you have burnt but the data isn’t that accurate just like the steps you have walked. For using this feature, you have to feed your age, height and weight, your activity, heart rate, duration, after feeding all these, it will show an estimate that how many calories you have burnt.

In my opinion, the technology here is great but this thing is only for motivating you because only you can do workout or activities for yourself and I don’t think that you have to know that how many steps you have walked to stay fit but definitely the device are a great example of technology.

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